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Suhaila Level 1: The Beginning

If you are new to Suhaila's format, here's an excellent plan to get you started!

Suhaila Level 1: Owning It

This training plan is designed to help you own your Suhaila Level 1 (SL1) technique.  This plan is also useful for students interested in testing for SL1 certification.  

Bridging the Gap from Suhaila L1 to L2

A training plan designed to help you bridge the gap between Suhaila Level 1 and Suhaila Level 2.

Suhaila Level 2: Solid Ground

Good solid Suhaila Level 2 classes for those new to Level 2 and for those wanting to maintain their SL2 technique.

Suhaila Level 2: Challenge

Fine-tune your SL2 technique, improving your stamina, and begin working on SL3 elements.

A L3 Training Plan

A countdown training plan for Suhaila Level 3 certification testing.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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