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Suhaila Level 1: The Beginning

If you are new to Suhaila's format, here's an excellent plan to get you started!

Suhaila Level 1: Owning It

This training plan is designed to help you own your Suhaila Level 1 (SL1) technique.  This plan is also useful for students interested in testing for SL1 certification.  

Suhaila Level 1 to L2: Bridging the Gap

A training plan designed to help you bridge the gap between Suhaila Level 1 and Suhaila Level 2.

Suhaila Level 2: Solid Ground

Good solid Suhaila Level 2 classes for those new to Level 2 and for those wanting to maintain their SL2 technique.

Suhaila Level 2: Challenge

Fine-tune your SL2 technique, improving your stamina, and begin working on SL3 elements.

Suhaila Level 3 Training Plan

A countdown training plan developed by a student to prepare for Suhaila Level 3 certification testing.

Jamila Level 1: 8 Week Rotation

Eight week rotation of JL1 classes.  Due to the improvisational nature of this format and the way it is practiced, material will overlap from class to class.  

Jamila Level 2: 8 Week Rotation

Jamila Level 2 steps and cymbals covered in an 8 week rotation.  Due to the improvisational nature of the format, taqsim and spins are covered throughout the classes. 



Coming Soon!

Learn Suhaila's Isolations drum solo in four weeks.  This training plan includes a focus on solid SL1 work including alternating moves between the lower and upper body and Jamila format influences.  Bonus SL2 work also included.  (Isolations PPV available separately.)

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