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Stacey Lizette

Stacey began studying belly dance in 1995. In 2001, she was introduced to Suhaila Salimpour’s format and has been hooked ever since. Certified Level I in 2001, Level 2 in 2002, and most recently Level 5 in 2015.  She is also certified Level 3 in the Jamila Salimpour format.  

Stacey represents the Salimpour School as a workshop instructor and a regular Teaching Assistant in Suhaila's format workshops.  She has performed with the Suhaila Dance Company numerous times by invitation, and she is a current member of Bal Anat under current direction by Suhaila Salimpour.  Stacey is currently working on her Jamila Level 4 certification.

Stacey teaches regular weekly classes in Austin, directs the Tekatek Dance Ensemble, and produces workshops and events.  Stacey enjoys cross training in other disciplines such as ballet, jazz, modern, Pilates and weight training. She continues to attend numerous belly dance workshops with instructors from around the world: Momo Kadous, Randa Kamel, Yasmina of Cairo, Aida Nour, Mo Geddawi, Farida Fahme, Jillina, Magda & Atef Farag, Aziza, Bozenka, Delilah, and many others.

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