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1) Can I access everything once I join?

2) How often is new content added?

3) How long will I have access to a PPV subscription?

4) What are the 8 Week Programs (training plans)?

5) How do I select a training plan (8 week program)?

6) I created my own successful (8 week program) training plan that I'd like to share.

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7) Are my payment details secure?

8) I forgot my password.

9) Do you give refunds?

10) Can I cancel my plan?

11) I have more questions; how can I get help?

12) What is a certification account?

13) I think I made an error with entering my payment details and created a duplicate account. What do I do?

Technical Questions

14) What kind of internet connection do I need?

15) What is the best web browser to use?

16) Why does my video keep playing and pausing?

17) What is buffering?

18) I’m having trouble printing my PDFs.

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