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L3+ Kandirali Ciftitelli: 4 weeks

Use this training plan to learn the Kandirali Ciftitelli Choreography by Rashid. The Kandirali Ciftitelli choreography is available free to regular class subscribers.

Kandirali Ciftitelli Choreography

Use this training plan to learn the Kandirali Ciftitelli choreography. The Kandirali Ciftitelli choreography by Tom Ryan (Rashid) is free to regular subscribers. The first breakdowns are missing, but the choreography is repeated many times with clarifications. Music information is provided with the video; no choreography notes are available at this time.

Week 1   |   Week 2   |   Week 3   |   Week 4   |   Cymbals


Week 1

  • Hearing Music (and Tallies)
  • Ciftitelli Choreography
  • SL3 Pelvic Locks
  • JL2 Basic Egyptian Family
  • Watch

Week 2

  • Ciftitelli Choreography
  • SL3 Circles
  • Folkloric Fusion
  • Rashid, Nabila, and Vashti
  • Watch

Week 3

  • Ciftitelli Choreography
  • SL3 Figure Eights
  • Folkloric Fusion
  • Watch

Week 4

  • Ciftitelli Choreography
  • JL2 Taqsim Family
  • Folkloric Fusion
  • Watch


  • Cymbal Jams
  • Turkish Orientale Ciftitelli
  • Turkish Stylization

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