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L1- Cabaret: 8 wks

Learn this cute choreography by one of Jamila's students, Sofia, taught by 14 year old Suhaila in 1982.

Ann Clark's cabaret choreography taught by Suhaila and filmed for VHS in 1982 when Suhaila was 14. The choreography was written by Ann Clark (Sofia); Suhaila made changes to round out the choreography for instruction purposes. Sofia was one of Jamila's students, who like Rebaba (another of Jamila's students), went on to dance professionally in Egypt.

This Training Plan includes eight weekly sections of the choreography, a full Suhaila L1 eight-week rotation, and a full selection of Jamila L1 classes. Suggesting reading and reference videos are included.


Note:  The training plan is 8 weeks, but the choreography subscription is available in 1 month increments.  The training plans were designed as a means to keep students training every week with a variety of classes following a traditional 8 week rotation of material.  You can do this training plan without learning the choreography, or you can learn the choreography without the full training plan.  You can adapt the training plans as needed.  Be creative.  Some approaches might be:

  • Purchase the choreography PPV for a second month so that you have the video available throughout the full training plan.
  • Purchase the choreography PPV for only one month, but double up the choreography assignments so they can be covered in one month.  
  • Learn the choreography all at once and then use the sections assigned per week as a guide for review.

Of course, the video has a lot of value.  Written choreography notes only tell a certain percentage of the story.  After you learn the sequencing, moves, and steps in a choregraphy, we recommend going back and relearning from the video again.  The second time, you notice even more!

Week 1   |   Week 2   |   Week 3   |   Week 4   |   Week 5   |   Week 6   |   Week 7   |   Week 8


Week 1

  • Cabaret Choreography 1982
  • SL1 Singles
  • JL1 Basic Egyptian Family
  • Listen
  • The 12-Year Old Dances (About Abdel Al) 1979

Week 2

  • Cabaret Choreography 1982
  • SL1 Three Quarters
  • JL1 Twist Step
  • Read
  • Suhaila and Rashid duet

Week 3

  • Cabaret Choreography 1982
  • SL1 Pelvic Locks
  • JL1 Five Count
  • Drill Breaks
  • Joumana, Ethnic Dance Festival Audition 1983

Week 4

  • Cabaret Choreography 1982
  • SL1 Squares
  • JL1 CCW Pivot & Variations
  • Read
  • Hayati 1984

Week 5

  • Cabaret Choreography 1982
  • SL1 Circles
  • JL1 Singles on the Up
  • Read
  • Maharjan

Week 6

  • Cabaret Choreography 1982
  • SL1 Figure Eights
  • JL1 Arabic Family
  • Read
  • Jamila and Suhaila 1977 Duet

Week 7

  • Cabaret Choreography 1982
  • SL1 Figure Eights
  • JL1 Running Choo Choo Family
  • Read
  • Arabian Melodies

Week 8

  • Cabaret Choreography 1982
  • SL1 Twists
  • JL1 Running Choo Choo
  • Cymbal Jams
  • Suhaila in Ten Dances (1979-1985)

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