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L2+ Khatwit Habibi: 5 wks

Learn "Khatwit Habibi" in five weeks.  This choreography is rated about a L2.8.  A strong knowledge of both L2 recommended, along with basic L3 layering skills.


From the choreographer:  "This choreography focuses on lyrical movement following the percussive nature of the melodic instruments.  During expanded areas of the music, the movement is literal; but during more internal sections, the body represents the music in a very specific way using soft contraction movements in large melody lines.  The choreography phrases don't always start on count 1; the movement truly follows the melody line created by the violin and qanoon which have a musical dialogue about love.  There are no lyrics attached to this piece, but the theme "walk my love" is about just wanting to watch your love walk and bathe in the beauty of that vision of your love moving simply and naturally."


Video instruction and choreography notes available separately in the PPV section.  The music can be found on Suhaila's Beyond Byblos Volume 1 album.  

Week 1   |   Week 2   |   Week 3   |   Week 4   |   Week 5


Week 1

  • Hearing Music (and Tallies)
  • Phrases 1-6
  • SL2 Figure Eights
  • Folkloric Fusion
  • DML2 Spins
  • Watch
  • Jamila's Article Book

Week 2

  • Phrases 7-9
  • SL2 Circles
  • JL2 Running Choo Choo
  • Salimpour School Compendium V1
  • Creating Enta Omri

Week 3

  • Phrasese 10-11
  • SL3 Body Line, Circles, and More
  • Warm Up
  • DML2+ Upper Body, Heels, and More
  • Watch
  • Salimpour School Compendium V1

Week 4

  • Phrases 12-14.
  • SL3 Diamonds
  • JL2 Review Defaults and Reverses
  • DML2+ Promenades, Heels, and Veils
  • Watch
  • Salimpour School Compendium V1

Week 5

  • Phrases 15-16
  • SL3 Pelvic Locks
  • SL3 Three Quarters
  • Rashid, Nabila, and Vashti
  • Hearing Music (and Tallies)
  • Salimpour School Compendium V1

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