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JL2- El Samer: 7 wks

Learn Suhaila's El Samer in seven weeks with a training plan featuring level 2 classes in both formats.  

Although the choreography subscription is available to everyone, El Samer is a required choreography for Jamila Level 2 certification testing.

Suhaila choreographed El Samer in 2009 as a fun homage to the 1970s, a heyday in belly dance.  To help complete your vision of the specific era, picture the glamourous Nagwa Fouad in her vibrant costume with bright blue eye shadow. El Samer embodies the grand, elegant and sexy flavor of belly dance at that time.  This choreography is full of Jamila format and styling including strong finger cymbal work.  This choreography is good for any stylization and would fit easily into a classical, tribal or fusion performance.

The music was composed by Hamouda Ali and can be found on The Art of Bellydance: Suhaila’s Supreme Selections CD produced by Hollywood Music Center.  

Video instruction and choreography notes available separately in the PPV section.

For certification program members, this training plan includes additional content that will help you prepare and study for JL2 certification.  Substitute classes (or adjust the content) as needed so that you are working at a suitable SL2 and JL2 level for testing.  The JL2 testing preparation training plans include:  Shams El Shamouseh, Ismaouni, El Samer, 1 thru 8, and Jamila L2 Rotation.

Note:  The training plan is 7 weeks, but the choreography subscription is available in 1 month increments.  The training plans were designed as a means to keep students training every week with a variety of classes following a traditional 8 week rotation of material.  You can do this training plan without learning the choreography, or you can learn the choreography without the full training plan.  You can adapt the training plans as needed.  Be creative.  Some approaches might be:

  • Purchase the choreography PPV for a second month so that you have the video available throughout the full training plan.
  • Purchase the choreography PPV for only one month, but double up the choreography assignments so they can be covered in one month.  
  • Learn the choreography all at once and then use the sections assigned per week as a guide for review.

Of course, the video has a lot of value.  Written choreography notes only tell a certain percentage of the story.  After you learn the sequencing, moves, and steps in a choregraphy, we recommend going back and relearning from the video again.  The second time, you notice even more!

Week 1   |   Week 2   |   Week 3   |   Week 4   |   Week 5   |   Week 6   |   Week 7   |   Cymbals


Week 1

  • Phrases 1-6
  • JL2 Shimmy Family
  • SL2 Singles
  • Rhythm Identification Album
  • Rhythm Identification Album
  • IAMED Speech
  • What Are We Seeing Anyway?
  • From Many Tribes
  • Nomenclature

Week 2

  • Phrases 7-13
  • JL2 4 Count, X Step, 8 Count
  • L2 Warmup
  • SL2 Pelvic Locks
  • The 12-Year Old Dances (About Abdel Al) 1979
  • Rhythm Identification Album
  • Jamila's Article Book

Week 3

  • Phrases 14-17
  • JL1 CCW Pivot Steps
  • SL2 Squares
  • DML2+ Upper Body, Heels, and More
  • Watch
  • Rhythm Identification Album
  • Salimpour School Compendium V1

Week 4

  • Phrases 18-20
  • JL2 Basic Egyptian Family
  • SL2 Circles
  • Watch
  • Rhythm Identification Album
  • Salimpour School Compendium V1

Week 5

  • Phrases 21-23
  • JL2 Salaam Family
  • SL2 Pyramids and Vs
  • Watch
  • Rhythm Identification Album
  • Salimpour School Compendium V1

Week 6

  • Phrases 24-26
  • JL2 Whip Spin
  • SL2 Figure Eights
  • Watch
  • From the Blog
  • Rhythm Identification Album
  • Salimpour School Compendium V1

Week 7

  • Phrases 27-29
  • JL2 Shimmy Family
  • SL2 Twists
  • Bonus Review and Clean-up
  • Watch
  • From the Blog
  • Rhythm Identification Album


  • Cymbal Jams
  • Nomenclature
  • Stage Make-Up Tutorial

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