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L2- Standing Sword: 5 wks

Learn the Standing Sword in 5 weeks. A solid knowledge of SL2 is recommended. 

This is a great companion piece for In the Beginning Sword. The two choreographies coordinate and can be done by two groups on stage: one group stays standing with the Standing Sword while the other group does floor work with the In the Beginning Sword.

Video instruction available separately in the PPV section.  No choreography notes available at this time.

Week 1   |   Week 2   |   Week 3   |   Week 4   |   Week 5


Week 1

  • Choreography
  • SL2 Singles
  • SL1 Three Quarters
  • History of the Middle East

Week 2

  • Choreography
  • SL2 Three Quarters
  • SL2 Squares
  • Watch

Week 3

  • Choreography
  • SL2 Circles
  • DM1 Passe
  • Watch

Week 4

  • Choreography
  • SL2 Circles
  • SL2 Figure Eights
  • Bal Anat Broadway Studio Performance
  • Bal Anat Lineage Group Broadway Studio Performance

Week 5

  • Choreography
  • SL2 Twists
  • Folkloric Fusion
  • Al Fellahin 1978

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