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JL2- 1 thru 8: 4 wks

Learn the 1 thru 8 choreography in 4 weeks with this training plan.

The choreography is challenging with variations and syncopation for both movements and finger cymbals.  It is recommended that students have a solid understanding of SL1 and JL1 and be working on SL2 and JL2 material.  The choreography instruction with notes must be purchased separately in the PPV section.

Music information and choreography notes are provided as part of the choreography instruction which is available separately in the PPV section.  

For certification program members, this training plan includes additional content that will help you prepare and study for JL2 certification.  Substitute classes (or adjust the content) as needed so that you are working at a suitable SL2 and JL2 level for testing.  The JL2 testing preparation training plans include:  Shams El Shamouseh, Ismaouni, El Samer, 1 thru 8, and Jamila L2 Rotation.

Week 1   |   Week 2   |   Week 3   |   Week 4   |   Cymbals


Week 1

  • Learn Section 1
  • JL2 Basic Egyptian Family
  • Learn Section 2
  • SL1 Circles
  • Salimpour School Compendium V1
  • Jamila's Article Book
  • The New Danse Orientale
  • Nomenclature

Week 2

  • Learn Section 3
  • JL1 Arabic Family
  • Learn Section 4
  • SL1 Singles
  • History of the Middle East
  • Salimpour School Compendium V1
  • The New Danse Orientale

Week 3

  • Learn Section 5
  • JL1 Twist Step
  • Learn Section 6.
  • JL2 Shimmy Family
  • Hearing Music (and Tallies)
  • Jamila's Article Book
  • The New Danse Orientale

Week 4

  • Learn Sections 7 & 8
  • JL2 Basic Egyptian Family
  • SL2 Singles
  • Salimpour School Compendium V1
  • Jamila's Article Book
  • Basic Entrances and Exits
  • The New Danse Orientale


  • Finger Cymbal Practice
  • Nomenclature

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