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L1- Banat Iskanderia: 8 wks

Learn the Banat Iskanderia entrance choreography in 8 weeks while working on a standard SL1 technique rotation plus a bit of Jamila format. 

This is an excellent choice for a student has gone through the basic Suhaila Level 1 format rotation once or twice. This Training Plan includes a lot of fundamental material for the new student.  Level increase suggestions are provided for L2-3 dancers.

Each week, you will learn a new segment, and you are encouraged to run that segment several times a week. Many students like running the segments before and after their technique classes, as well as other times during the week. As you learn a new section, add it to the previous section, steadily building from week to week.  

This training plan works for L2 and L3, as well. 

  • For L2 students: keep all the footwork the same, but increase the timing of the movements from qt to ht, ht to ft, and ft to dt. Add finger cymbals or change the finger cymbals to left hand dominant, adding togethers, Rx. or Lx.
  • For L3+ students: follow the class as presented, but add upper body layers such as ribcage slides, ribcage circles, and undulations.

Choreography notes are not available for this choreography.  Music information is provided in the Banat Iskandaria video description.

What should you learn next?  We recommend the following choreographies:

  • Princess of Cairo (available as part of a regular class subscription)
  • Tablo Solo from Princess of Cairo (available as part of a regular class subscription)
  • Isolations (available separately in the PPV section)

Week 1   |   Week 2   |   Week 3   |   Week 4   |   Week 5   |   Week 6   |   Week 7   |   Week 8   |   Cymbals


Week 1

  • Banat Iskanderia
  • SL1 Singles
  • Fitness Fusion Yoga
  • Salimpour Certification Program
  • Fitness Fusion Body
  • From the Blog

Week 2

  • Banat Iskanderia
  • SL1 Three Quarters
  • Fitness Fusion Buns
  • Walter Freeman, Suhaila, and Fusion
  • From the Blog

Week 3

  • Banat Iskanderia
  • SL1 Pelvic Locks
  • Fitness Fusion Jazz
  • Cabaret or Tribal?

Week 4

  • Banat Iskanderia
  • SL1 Squares
  • Fitness Fusion Pilates
  • Banat Iskandaria Performance
  • The Salimpour School Compendium Vol. 1

Week 5

  • Banat Iskanderia
  • SL1 Circles
  • JL1 Arabic Family
  • Banat Iskandaria Performance Part 2
  • Jamila's Article Book

Week 6

  • Banat Iskanderia
  • SL1 Figure Eights
  • JL1 Basic Egyptian Family
  • Banat Iskandaria Performance Part 3
  • Middle Eastern Music: History and Study Guide

Week 7

  • Banat Iskanderia
  • SL1 Figure Eights
  • Fundamentals 1/2
  • Banat Iskandaria Performance Part 4
  • Suhaila Format Level 1 Study Guide

Week 8

  • Banat Iskanderia
  • SL1 Twists
  • Fundamentals 2/2
  • Banat Iskandaria Performance Drum Solo/Finale
  • Learning about Banat Iskandaria
  • Cymbal Jams


  • Work on basic finger cymbal patterns: 3s, 5s, and 7s.
  • Cymbal Jams

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