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L1- Isolations Drum Solo: 8 wks

Learn Suhaila's Isolations drum solo in eight weeks.  (A four week training for SL3 students listed separately.)

This training plan includes a focus on solid SL1 work including alternating moves between the lower and upper body and Jamila format influences.   Isolations video instruction available separately in the PPV section.  

Suhaila choreographed this short and sweet drum solo to be used by all student levels for a solo or in a group.  With Suhaila Level 1 students in mind, this drum solo is an excellent way to practice isolation concepts while learning drum solo structure.  Use the piece alone or as a finale to a set at festivals, at student recitals, or to show friends and family a glimpse of the unique qualities of the Suhaila Format.  

Advanced students can use this training plan, too!

  • L2 students increase the movement timing while keeping the footwork timing the same as presented in class
  • L3 students can add layers (undulations, ribcage slides, ribcage circles, etc.)

Music and notes:  From "Isolations'" on Suhaila's album, Repercussion.  No choreography notes are available at this time.

Note:  The training plan is 8 weeks, but the choreography subscription is available in 1 month increments.  The training plans were designed as a means to keep students training every week with a variety of classes following a traditional 8 week rotation of material.  You can do this training plan without learning the choreography, or you can learn the choreography without the full training plan.  You can adapt the training plans as needed.  Be creative.  Some approaches might be:

  • Purchase the choreography PPV for a second month so that you have the video available throughout the full training plan.
  • Purchase the choreography PPV for only one month, but double up the choreography assignments so they can be covered in one month.  
  • Learn the choreography all at once and then use the sections assigned per week as a guide for review.

Of course, the video has a lot of value.  Written choreography notes only tell a certain percentage of the story.  After you learn the sequencing, moves, and steps in a choregraphy, we recommend going back and relearning from the video again.  The second time, you notice even more!


Week 1   |   Week 2   |   Week 3   |   Week 4   |   Week 5   |   Week 6   |   Week 7   |   Week 8   |   Cymbals


Week 1

  • Learn 0:00-21:05 from Isolations Video 1. Technique classes this week focus on singles and alternating between pelvic locks and ribcage locks.
  • SL1 Singles
  • SL1 Pelvic Locks
  • Salimpour Certification Program

Week 2

  • Learn 19:36-41:00 from Isolations Video 1, building on what you've learned. Technique classes this week focus on interior hip squares, ribcage squares, fun footwork, and cymbals.
  • SL1 Squares
  • Folkloric Fusion
  • Cabaret or Tribal?

Week 3

  • Learn 37:54-49:35 from Isolations Video 1, buildling on what you've learned. Technique classes focus on alternating hip and ribcage interior squares, twists, and Jamila format F&B&.
  • SL1 Squares
  • SL1 Twists
  • Walter Freeman, Suhaila, and Fusion

Week 4

  • Learn 48:22-end from Isolations Video 1, building on what you've learned. Technique focuses on twists (with a cool combo) and spin basics in dance movement.
  • SL1 Twists
  • DM1 Turns
  • Level 1 Study Guide

Week 5

  • Learn 0:00-14:21 from Isolations Video 2, building on what you've learned. Technique focuses on hip and ribcage interior circles and CCW Pivot.
  • SL1 Circles
  • JL1 CCW Pivot
  • From the Blog

Week 6

  • Learn 14:20-21:08 from Isolations Video 2, buildilng on what you've learned. Technique focuses on interior and exterior hip circles, ribcage circles, and some fun combinations in Folkloric Fusion.
  • SL1 Circles
  • Folkloric Fusion

Week 7

  • Learn 21:08-40:42 from Isolations Video 2, building on what you've learned. Technique focuses on singles (L1.7ish) and Running Choo Choo including FMMB.
  • SL1 Singles
  • JL1 Running Choo Choo
  • Online Certification Testing

Week 8

  • Review choreography from 38:40-end of Isoations.Video 2. Technique focuses on Folkloric Fusion fun combinations featuring both formats and finger cymbals.
  • Folkloric Fusion
  • Folkloric Fusion


  • Focus on 3s, 5s, 7s, and Togethers in drills and using Cymbal Jams.

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